Terms of Sale

All terms of sale must be approved by the Savior Products, Inc. credit department. If approved, terms are 1%/10 net 30. A 1.5% per month late charge is accessed on all past due invoices.


Savior Products, Inc. will ship Freight Collect using actual freight charges incurred. The Customer may provide a UPS, FedEx, or similar account number to use for shipment of product. If the Customer does not provide a shipping account number Savior Products, Inc. reserves the right to ship via the most economical routing unless otherwise specified.

Expedited delivery options including, but not limited to Next Day Delivery are available at an additional cost to the customer. UPS and FedEx 3rd party billing to the Customer’s UPS or FedEx account are also available.

Back Orders will be shipped upon availability after the initial shipment.


All Savior Products, Inc. returns are classified as either:
– Defective Goods, or
– Stock Adjustments
– Stock Adjustments

Defective Goods – Returned to Savior Products, Inc.

This product will be returned to Savior Products, Inc. Returns Department and inspected. If a product is determined to be “defective,” a credit for the product’s value plus freight will be issued back to the distributor. If a product is determined to be “non-defective” and in first-rate condition, it will be re-packaged, returned to stock, and be subject to a 15% re-stocking fee.

If a product is returned as defective, but it is determined to have been abused, the product will be disposed of by Savior Products, Inc., and the distributor will not receive credit for that product. Savior Products, Inc.’s field reps will be responsible for inspecting all returned goods. After inspection, the Customer will be notified whether to Destroy-in-Field or return the products to Savior Products, Inc. Please contact Savior Products, Inc. Operations to receive a RGA# and routing instructions for return of defective merchandise.

Missing Parts

If the product is missing any parts a RGA# will not be issued for it. Please contact Savior Products, Inc. Operations immediately, and the missing parts will be sent out expeditiously. If a product with missing parts is returned through a RGA#, the missing parts will be added, the product will be re-packaged, returned to stock, be subject to a 15% restocking fee, and the distributor will not receive credit for that product.

Stock Adjustments – Returned to Savior Products, Inc.

Stock adjustments will be allowed at 3% of prior year’s net purchases and will require a minimum 2 for 1 off-setting order. Only active part numbers are eligible for return. The distributor is responsible for the freight charges. Again, all stock adjustments must first obtain a RGA# from Savior Products, Inc. Operations. All unauthorized returns will be refused by Savior Products, Inc.

For Return Goods Authorization (RGA#), please contact:

Savior Products, Inc. Operations
Phone: 913-451-1090
Fax: 913-451-1092
Email: Trista@SaviorProtected.com

Claims (Shortage or Damage)

Claims for damages incurred in transit must be declared with the carrier immediately. Shortage claims must be filed with Savior Products, Inc. Operations within ten (10) days after receipt of goods. If a shortage claim is submitted and found to show all products were delivered

Credit Memos

Any unused credit memo will expire 1 year from issue date.

Limited Warranty

All Savior Products, Inc. products are warranted against defects in workmanship and material to the original consumer/end-user for a period of 2 years from date of purchase (w/ Proof of Purchase). Contact Savior Products, Inc. (Admin@SaviorProtected.com) for further details on warranty-related issues and how to file a claim. Savior Products, Inc. distributors, jobbers, and resellers are asked to encourage customers to maintain proof-of-purchase to validate warranty claims. Please see product instructions sheets for warranty information.

Intellectual Property Ownership/Acknowledgement

Distributor acknowledges that all right, title interest (including without limitation, patents and copyrights) and any and all tangible and intangible property (hereinafter referred to as “intellectual property”) related to the Savior Products, Inc. product, are the private property and confidential information of Savior Products, Inc. Ownership of the intellectual property and all intellectual property rights shall remain at all times with Savior Products, Inc. Distributor hereby represents and warrants to Savior Products, Inc. that it shall not compete, distribute or contest, directly or indirectly, or do or caused to be done any act which in any way contests, impairs, or tends to impair Savior Products, Inc.’s exclusive right to the intellectual property, and shall not assist others in doing so.

Notice: Unilateral Minimum Advertised Pricing (UMAP) Policy

Savior Products, Inc. has issued a separate written policy concerning wholesale and resale pricing which will be provided to every wholesaler. All Savior Products, Inc. wholesalers shall provide the Savior Products, Inc. UMAP Policy document to every retailer / reseller to which they sell Savior Products, Inc. product, or in the alternative provide Savior Products, Inc. with a list of such retailers / resellers so Savior Products, Inc. can supply the UMAP Policy document directly to them. The Savior Products, Inc. UMAP Policy applies to both Retail and Wholesale, and is consistent with the U.S. (federal and state) laws and regulations, which allow Savior Products, Inc. to establish the manner in which its products are distributed, sold and advertised. Savior Products, Inc. independently determined to implement this UMAP Policy and did not do so at the request of any other firm. Savior Products, Inc. will make all decisions regarding the enforcement of this UMAP Policy unilaterally and will not reach any sort of agreement with its Resellers because of complaints from Resellers regarding sales practices of other Savior Products, Inc. Resellers.

Distribution Restrictions

Regardless of what otherwise may be stated here, Distributor agrees that it will not knowingly or negligently directly or indirectly sell any Savior Products, Inc. products to retailers or resellers other than to Savior Products, Inc. Authorized Retailers or Resellers. Immediately upon receipt by the Distributor or posting on Savior Products, Inc.’s website of each Revocation Notice, the Distributor will cancel all pending orders from each reseller identified in such Revocation List and refuse to accept any new orders from such reseller for Savior Products, Inc. products. “Savior Products, Inc. Authorized Retailers or Resellers” means collectively each retailer / reseller that is designated an “Authorized Dealer” by Savior Products, Inc. through written notice from Savior Products, Inc. or publication on Savior Products, Inc.’s website or is not on the current Revocation List.


I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed above. I understand that upon Savior Products, Inc.’s countersigning this document, I will be an authorized Savior Products, Inc. Distributor:

Company Name
Signature and Title
Savior Products, Inc. by
Brock Templeman, President
Printed Name of Signer